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Hambili Tarkerazu

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Welcome to The Ndonga Wikipedia, the Wikipedia resource for information on everything in the language Ndonga.

We are sad to announce that our project has been proposed that this Wikipedia should be closed. Please put your comments here in a effort to try to help the project.

Before editing any pages, we suggest that first-time users check out the Help pages. They are still mostly works in progress, but they can still provide some guidance in writing good entries, as well as inform readers about our rules and standards.

Currently, we have 8 pages on this wiki.

Oshiwambo Wikipedia Hambili Tarkerazu. Wimbba harranga! Hada Wikipedia, rastafo naluchinala kwakka swafoto anstigolobadi. Hebba wimbba nali, Ifrikabi anstigolobadi, hatu kunt.